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"Young people enjoy good relationships
with staff saying they feel safe in the home.

Staff take boys on so many activities, they don't have time to be bored.
A resident's young relative

It has been very positive since he came here and he has made huge progress. He is a different boy since working with staff.
​Social worker

I feel safe in the home and staff look after us properly​.

Job Vacancies

Being part of our dynamic team means that you are part of something dedicated to improving the lives of children.

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Home News

With news on what's new at the home or group outings, we'll keep this section of the website updated.


Feel free to explore this website or The Annex School to find out more about the life-changing work we do.

Everyone who works at J&R Care believe that all children have a voice and should be heard.

The children and staff together live and work in a stable home environment and school.

Challenging Behaviours

To be committed to challenging anti-social and delinquent behaviour means the staff team must continually learn and understand the unconscious processes involved in working with the projected feelings of the children and working within a group environment.

A step towards this is being committed to enabling the children to develop healthy lifestyles and make positive contributions to their own care and the community.

Improving Outlooks
For vulnerable children to feel a part of happy and healthy home requires honesty and mutual respect - and fostering this environment is our imperative.

All staff also understand that key to improving lives of our children is an environment promoting health and well-being and assisting children to develop personal and social skills.

With staff adapting to each child, it's a two-way process, continually learning to work therapeutically with the children and nurture them unconditionally.

It's also important to ensure that all children’s cultural and identity needs are met through life story work and using community resources where necessary to ensure that the child is not disadvantaged by living in our care.

Staff Commitment

Our staff are committed to do the real work involved in caring for vulnerable children after they have been endlessly assessed in other environments.

With clearly defined boundaries in which children can feel safe, and while we ensure that each day has structure and meaning, our staff are able to survive the aggressive and destructive behaviours which have ended past placements - and this helps to build positive and secure attachments with adults who do not abuse them and who enjoy and want to look after them.

It's a two-way process, continually learning to work therapeutically with the children and nurture them unconditionally.

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Who Are J&R Care?

Since opening our first care home in 2003, we have become proven specialists looking after some of the most vulnerable and challenging children and providing them with a safe and secure environment to grow and develop healthily.

We work tirelessly with vulnerable children who need to live in an environment that is non abusive, that is honest and respectful and fun, and with adults who can survive a troubled child's destructive behaviours.

Our staff also work to understand how a child's past experiences have impacted their lives, and help build their self-esteem and enable them to go on to lead healthy and happy lives.


  • For new young people living at our home, we have a new booklet explaining more about life here.
  • 2 young people have successfully moved on to semi independence after over 3 years of being with us
  • Pembroke House and the Annex school completed another 12 mile cycle around bewl water -  7th July 2016
  • Sports day - July 22nd 2016
  • We are taking the children on holiday on 19th August​​

The Annex School

Our holistic approach to caring for children includes education, and on the grounds of our home is our Ofsted inspected school. 

Providing education to children in a creative way helps to enable them to learn and achieve and not be disadvantaged.

With opportunities for children to learn essential in life, learning also helps them to  promote independence from within and then transition to vocational skills.

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